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Women's Lib and the 1968 revolution:
The true story

May 2018 will be the occasion to celebrate the 1968 student revolt and its repercussions in France.
Many will be tempted to confuse ' May 1968 ' with the birth of the women's lib movement in France.
But the true story is very different , as will be unveiled in the documentary "Women's Lib and the 1968 Revolution": in fact, the Women's Lib Movement was born as a reaction against the left wing 'May 68 Revolution'.
In our documentary we will be travelling from May 1968 to Fall 1972 et reestablish the facts thanks to archives and witnesses.

Or how Women's lib liberated itself from... the 1968 revolution.

Why not me?

All the players in the educational world agree: in France, the social ladder is broken. But somewhere, experiments show that it can still work: The 'Ladder to Success' program of the famous Lycée Saint Louis in Paris succeeds where many fail.
Following students for a year, this documentary will show that given a chance and the means to succeed, everybody can access the best education, no matter where they are from.